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#290 (Jan 28, 2015 9:00:36 AM)

  1. Added some error checks for clarity, and fixed a few possible time-related issues with using "new Date()" as the time bound. — andreib / detail
  2. Fixed a couple v1/v2 type problems in the call adapters. — andreib / detail
  3. refactored div classes for each status. — rnahf / detail
  4. added style classes to results_head — rnahf / detail
  5. format cleanup (tabs to spaces), and added boilerplate license header; for org.dataone.integration.webTest package. — rnahf / detail

#289 (Jan 27, 2015 9:00:36 AM)

  1. refactored Query api tests, implementations, definitions, and adapters.  Wired into MN Tester. — rnahf / detail
  2. fixed CNCallAdapter.create method (converting v2 sysmeta to v1 as in MNCallAdapter).  Fixed bugs in instantiateD1Node methods for V1isAuthorized classes. — rnahf / detail
  3. fixed bugs in procureSpecialTestObject for the abstract authorization tests. Wired in the abstract tests to CN/MNAuthorization tests. — rnahf / detail
  4. Setting a few tests to get ignored in order to match the original tier tests and their results. — andreib / detail
  5. Fixed a possible problem in storage tests - we were using a "new Date()" for fetching a list of modified objects and therefore relying on the test system's and MN system's clocks being close. Switched to using the modified time saved to the SystemMetadata of the object created.

    Also cleaned up a couple unused variables I noticed. — andreib / detail
  6. Accidentally committed a local config change. Reverted. — andreib / detail
  7. We've renamed some test certificate files containing non-platform-independent characters to be platform-independent. This commit updates the config files and calls to fetch that data (which had default values of names passed in). — andreib / detail
  8. Modified a few methods in ContextAwareTestCaseDataone to clarify the difference between the certificate file name and the CN of the subject in the certificate. These may not be the same any longer since we've renamed some test certificate files containing non-platform-independent characters. — andreib / detail

#286 (Jan 24, 2015 9:00:38 AM)

  1. Programatically getting the subject needed to generate the mock system metadata instead of having to hard-code it everywhere. Avoided using ClientIdentityManager.getCurrentIdentity() because it would introduce a sneaky state out-of-sync bug with the certificate location. — andreib / detail

#285 (Jan 23, 2015 9:00:15 AM)

  1. MNAuthorizationV1IT was renamed, so I fixed a spelling error in the test suite — andreib / detail
  2. Fixed a few method calls in MNReplicationTesetImplementations to no longer use the deprecated metadata creation calls.
    Added a small MNv1TestSuite class so we can get an overview of MN v1 tests (we can delete it later when they're all fixed). — andreib / detail
  3. Fixed a bug in ExampleUtilities.generateTestDataPackage(): it was always using the currently loaded certificate's subject as the rightsHolder on the SystemMetadata. I overloaded the function so this would get passed in (and deprecated the existing function - it's still being used from a lot of other places). Updated MNStorageTestImplementations to use the new call. — andreib / detail
  4. Implemented the resource map parsing and checksum consistency tests as a separate set of tests "Content Integrity".  (used to be in MNodeTier1IT) — rnahf / detail
  5. Small bug fix and added a TODO statement to a test that'll need some more refactoring so it's more fail-safe — andreib / detail

#284 (Jan 22, 2015 9:00:08 AM)

  1. added apiTest classes for the SSL testing: MNAuthenticationV1V2, CNAuthenticationV1V2 — rnahf / detail
  2. minor layout change — rnahf / detail
  3. redesigned the layout of the cover page to make easier to scan the instructions. — rnahf / detail
  4. Fixed a few bugs in the MN storage integration tests — andreib / detail
  5. refactored test selection logic for V2. — rnahf / detail
  6. removed a couple unnecessary statements. — rnahf / detail

#283 (Jan 21, 2015 9:00:08 AM)

  1. For the MNStorage test implementations, there are a few test methods against delete() and archive() calls which must first call create() and then fail on the subsequent call. Refactored them to use two call adapters, one with a rights-holder certificate for the create(), one without for delete() or archive(), so it fails as expected. — andreib / detail

#279 (Jan 17, 2015 9:00:10 AM)

  1. added missing testSystemMetadataChanged method to definition, implementation, and API test classes. — rnahf / detail
  2. Added custom version converter for Log types in CommonCallAdapter.  Fixed bugs in CoreTestImplementations. — rnahf / detail
  3. Another bug fix to avoid some "no unmarshaller found" errors — andreib / detail
  4. Fixed a couple more bugs: the v1 call to systemMetadataChanged was missing in the adapter, and I made one more type conversion in the MNReplicationTestImplementations — andreib / detail
  5. Fixed a few bugs in the MNCallAdapter (which had the wrong node type in many places) and in the MNStorageTestImplementations (which had a bad cast to a v1 type) — andreib / detail
  6. incremental temporary fix to TestRunnerHttpServlet and its unit test. — rnahf / detail
  7. Disabled a few tests in apiTest to match the @Ignore on the original tier test — andreib / detail
  8. Readded testRegister into the CNRegisterTestImplementation and removed an unneeded Session in CoreTestImplementations — andreib / detail
  9. added functional tests and tools directories to the compile excludes. — rnahf / detail
  10. bug fixes. — rnahf / detail
  11. added compiler exclude paths to the pom for tests not currently compiling. Moved functional tests to new subpackage for better organization. — rnahf / detail

#278 (Jan 16, 2015 9:00:07 AM)

  1. Fixed a few v1/v2 type errors in the integration test implementations, and added an extra error check to make one exception more clear. — andreib / detail
  2. Small bug fix to a test case. — andreib / detail
  3. moved CATCD1's sessionMap to top of the class declarations. — rnahf / detail

#277 (Jan 15, 2015 9:00:07 AM)

  1. Fixed a bug; wrong node iterator type was being used. — andreib / detail
  2. refactored client certificate setup methods in CATCD1, replacing setupClientSubject wrapper methods with getSession(subjectString). updated affected APItest implementations. — rnahf / detail

#276 (Jan 14, 2015 9:00:08 AM)

  1. Went through the api test classes and test definition classes, looked them over for problems, and added comments. — andreib / detail
  2. MNv1AuthTestDefinitions and MNv2ReadTestDefinitions, containing the systemMetadataChanged test methods were put into MNSystemMetadataChangedTestDefinitions, applied to MNAuthV1IT, removed from MNReadV2IT, and added to MNReplicationV2IT. Implementation of the systemMetadataChanged test methods was moved into MNReplicationImplementations.

    The getLogRecords test methods were in a separate integration test class for MNs originally because they would take longer to run and we wanted to be able to run them separately. I moved them from CoreTestDefinitions into CNCoreTestDefinitions and put them in a new MNCoreSlowTestDefinitions interface in order to be able to separate the MN test classes into versions with/without these methods.

    From MNReplicationTestDefinitions, I removed some test methods which were functional tests, not API tests. Updated the implementing classes to match. — andreib / detail
  3. added NodeType to constructed Nodes setup in ContextAwareTestCaseDataone.setup().  to avoid NPEs.  restored inheritance of the AbstractAuthorization tests to CATCD1. — rnahf / detail
  4. Finished creating all the integration test classes and hooking them up to the implementation code. Also fixed a few problems in the existing ones.
    Added the multi-node test methods to CNReplicationTestImplementations.
    While writing the IT classes, discovered a mismatch between Node version types in the node iterators vs the call adapter methods. Decided to keep the call adapters using the v2 Node since they call into v2 methods, and made the implementations do conversion if necessary. — andreib / detail