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  1. Went through the api test classes and test definition classes, looked them over for problems, and added comments. (detail)
    by andreib
  2. MNv1AuthTestDefinitions and MNv2ReadTestDefinitions, containing the systemMetadataChanged test methods were put into MNSystemMetadataChangedTestDefinitions, applied to MNAuthV1IT, removed from MNReadV2IT, and added to MNReplicationV2IT. Implementation of the systemMetadataChanged test methods was moved into MNReplicationImplementations.

    The getLogRecords test methods were in a separate integration test class for MNs originally because they would take longer to run and we wanted to be able to run them separately. I moved them from CoreTestDefinitions into CNCoreTestDefinitions and put them in a new MNCoreSlowTestDefinitions interface in order to be able to separate the MN test classes into versions with/without these methods.

    From MNReplicationTestDefinitions, I removed some test methods which were functional tests, not API tests. Updated the implementing classes to match. (detail)
    by andreib
  3. added NodeType to constructed Nodes setup in ContextAwareTestCaseDataone.setup().  to avoid NPEs.  restored inheritance of the AbstractAuthorization tests to CATCD1. (detail)
    by rnahf
  4. Finished creating all the integration test classes and hooking them up to the implementation code. Also fixed a few problems in the existing ones.
    Added the multi-node test methods to CNReplicationTestImplementations.
    While writing the IT classes, discovered a mismatch between Node version types in the node iterators vs the call adapter methods. Decided to keep the call adapters using the v2 Node since they call into v2 methods, and made the implementations do conversion if necessary. (detail)
    by andreib