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Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/dataone-cn-portal-deb-stable/workspace
Cleaning local Directory dataone-cn-portal
Checking out at revision '2019-05-08T00:21:07.523 +0000'
A         DEBIAN
AU        DEBIAN/postinst
A         DEBIAN/control
AU        DEBIAN/prerm
AU        DEBIAN/config
AU        DEBIAN/postrm
A         DEBIAN/templates
A         usr
A         usr/share
A         usr/share/portal
A         usr/share/portal/debian
AU        usr/share/portal/debian/
AU        usr/share/portal/debian/portal-tables.sql
AU        usr/share/portal/debian/portal.xml
AU        usr/share/portal/debian/portal_jk.conf
A         usr/share/portal/debian/56portal.policy
A         etc
A         etc/dataone
A         etc/dataone/portal
A         etc/dataone/portal/
AU        etc/dataone/portal/hazelcast.xml
At revision 19673

No revision recorded for in the previous build
[workspace] $ /bin/bash /tmp/
Build version: 
/usr/local/bin/ line 11: [: missing `]'
dpkg-deb: building package `dataone-cn-portal' in `../dataone-cn-portal_2.3.5_all.deb'.
dpkg-scanpackages: warning: Packages in archive but missing from override file:
dpkg-scanpackages: warning:   dataone-cn-index dataone-cn-metacat dataone-cn-os-core dataone-cn-portal dataone-cn-processdaemon dataone-cn-rest-service dataone-cn-solr dataone-cn-version-tool dataone-mercury dataone-solr dataone-zookeeper
dpkg-scanpackages: info: Wrote 11 entries to output Packages file.
Notifying upstream projects of job completion
Finished: SUCCESS