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#3 (Nov 24, 2015 5:08:13 PM)

  1. adding an ignore to one of the SlowIT tests (testGetLogRecords_eventFiltering) because it was causing severe delays in test environment. — rnahf / detail
  2. Added an extra get() call - there was a bug in metacat and initial create() logs weren't written. Since the test code procures rather than creates the objects, the extra get() should add logs to make the test more resistant. — andreib / detail
  3. Performance improvement for pidFiltering test and added some more comments to clear up what's going on in the test. — andreib / detail
  4. Committed an extra certificate/subject log message for debuggging purposes — andreib / detail
  5. Updated the d1_integration pom.xml file to depend on d1_test_resources version 2.0.0 rather than 1.1.0 — andreib / detail
  6. Added a warning log message if only v1 MNs are available to work with. — andreib / detail
  7. Just removed a variable (that won't change anything) so local cnSubmitter points to the ContextAwareTestCaseDataone variable — andreib / detail
  8. Removed the requirement for v2 MNs from LogAggregationFunctionalTestImplementations - switched to using the highest endpoint version available for the MN where possible, falling back to using the v1 endpoint where it became too expensive to check both capabilities per node available. — andreib / detail

#2 (Nov 19, 2015 4:24:16 PM)

  1. added a property nodelist.contains.v2.mn that to set the nodeListContainsV2Mn property.  Set the property to false in the context.SANDBOX.test.properties. Adjusted TestSettings to allow the property to be set from the command line (-D arguments) — rnahf / detail
  2. Added checks in a few functional test implementations for the ContextAwareTestCaseDataone property that is set based on whether we have v2 nodes in the environment. Some tests will be skipped without v2 nodes in environment. — andreib / detail
  3. Added a nodeListContainsV2Mn property. It was being set automatically based on the CN node list, but disabled that for now per a discussion with rob since we may just change it to be an environment property. — andreib / detail
  4. added optimization to the createTestObject method in SidCNTestImpl to minimize wait-to-sync time. — rnahf / detail
  5. Added a more specific error message and modified some v2 node checks to be even more strict — andreib / detail
  6. Reverted recent change - object creation test code, in the case that we have a v2 CN.create() with no v2 MNs in the environment, will not fall back to a v1 MN for the authMN because this changes the expected behavior of some tests (tests that are expecting a v2-specific object to be created, aka an object with a v2 authMN). Better that it fail for not finding a v2 authMN than sneakily doing a v1 create where a v2 create is expected. — andreib / detail