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  1. per Jim, remove minScore and numResult parameters for round three ESOR (details)
  2. add context and unit parameters to ESOR concept lookup (details)
  3. when label is missing, use the local name of the concept (details)
  4. send ESOR parameters via JSON post instead of query string. sort (details)
  5. include EML abstract text as context when submitting attribute (details)
  6. use oboe.1.2 namespace (details)
  7. add the d1client connection monitoring property (details)
  8. update tests to refelct newer concept matches (details)
  9. update expected concept return from ESOR service (details)
  10. add handling for new "cosine" service, per-document (details)
  11. add cosine service (details)
  12. add file-based caching for annotations - was taking waaaaay too long to (details)