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Unstable Build #8 (Dec 23, 2015 10:03:04 PM)

Revision: 17280
  1. log the pid and dates that do not match when failures occur. (detail)
    by leinfelder
  2. don't test with cnSandboxUNM1 - seems to be having issues with keep HZ connections alive and passing tests. (detail)
    by leinfelder
  3. getting test errors for .14, try .15 as object suffix? (detail)
    by leinfelder
  4. include write permission for rightsholder (detail)
    by leinfelder
  5. Added public-readable to access policy for created test objects (detail)
    by andreib
  6. Another logging improvement - displaying created auth token (detail)
    by andreib
  7. Fixed a few logging messages (detail)
    by andreib
  8. Added an update test to the MN auth token tests (detail)
    by andreib
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  1. d1_portal  ? → (detail)

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