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  1. switched testSetReplicationStatus_dateModified to use a non-auth MN to test status changes on, just in case this causes problems with replication (this won't fix sysmeta date change issues though) (detail)
    by andreib
  2. Incrementing a few object pids to tests don't use objects that are too old - just in case this is causing a current issue with sysmeta dates seemingly getting updated. (detail)
    by andreib
  3. log the pid and dates that do not match when failures occur. (detail)
    by leinfelder
  4. don't test with cnSandboxUNM1 - seems to be having issues with keep HZ connections alive and passing tests. (detail)
    by leinfelder
  5. getting test errors for .14, try .15 as object suffix? (detail)
    by leinfelder
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  1. DataONE_Common_Java  ? → (detail)
  2. d1_portal  ? → (detail)
  3. DataONE Java Client Library  ? → (detail)
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