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  1. MNAuthorizationV1IT was renamed, so I fixed a spelling error in the test suite (detail)
    by andreib
  2. Fixed a few method calls in MNReplicationTesetImplementations to no longer use the deprecated metadata creation calls.
    Added a small MNv1TestSuite class so we can get an overview of MN v1 tests (we can delete it later when they're all fixed). (detail)
    by andreib
  3. Fixed a bug in ExampleUtilities.generateTestDataPackage(): it was always using the currently loaded certificate's subject as the rightsHolder on the SystemMetadata. I overloaded the function so this would get passed in (and deprecated the existing function - it's still being used from a lot of other places). Updated MNStorageTestImplementations to use the new call. (detail)
    by andreib
  4. Implemented the resource map parsing and checksum consistency tests as a separate set of tests "Content Integrity".  (used to be in MNodeTier1IT) (detail)
    by rnahf
  5. Small bug fix and added a TODO statement to a test that'll need some more refactoring so it's more fail-safe (detail)
    by andreib

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