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#115 (Dec 4, 2015 5:09:06 AM)

  1. Improved a bunch of log/error messages on log tests — andreib / detail
  2. Modified a second log test to skip over MNs on which objects cannot be created. — andreib / detail

#114 (Dec 3, 2015 5:09:06 AM)

  1. Another tweak to resolve test - fixed the logger being used for this class so we can see the INFO messages and removed a break statement causing problems with the logic. — andreib / detail
  2. Performance improvement for last modification to resolve test — andreib / detail
  3. Added code to a resolve api test to iterate through the object list a few more times not only if getSysmeta() fails, but also if the authMN of the object in question is not found in the environment. — andreib / detail
  4. Modified the aggregation test to disregard MNs on which create is disabled. — andreib / detail

#112 (Dec 1, 2015 5:09:07 AM)

  1. Improving on some of the environment tests - removing a couple unnecessary tests for nodes that are registered but down. Fixed some typos. Improved a few log messages. — andreib / detail
  2. Adding some tests that can be run to check on the status of an environment (stuff like which nodes are down, which nodes don't have sync or replication turned on, or to check if sync/repl/services don't match between CN & MN Node documents). — andreib / detail

#106 (Nov 25, 2015 5:09:08 AM)

  1. Small change that should've been committed with the last fix to create a test object instead of procure one. — andreib / detail
  2. Found a subtle race condition in a test and fixed it. — andreib / detail
  3. Need to call v2 /log on nodes that support it and v1 /log on v1 nodes because they only support pidFilter. — andreib / detail
  4. Added an extra error message around creating a log entry — andreib / detail
  5. turned off the v1-only bypass in SANDBOX.  better late than never. — rnahf / detail
  6. added v1-only flag to STAGE properties files (as was done for SANDBOX) — rnahf / detail
  7. adding an ignore to one of the SlowIT tests (testGetLogRecords_eventFiltering) because it was causing severe delays in test environment. — rnahf / detail

#105 (Nov 24, 2015 5:09:07 AM)

  1. Added an extra get() call - there was a bug in metacat and initial create() logs weren't written. Since the test code procures rather than creates the objects, the extra get() should add logs to make the test more resistant. — andreib / detail
  2. Performance improvement for pidFiltering test and added some more comments to clear up what's going on in the test. — andreib / detail