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  1. Small change that should've been committed with the last fix to create a test object instead of procure one. (detail)
    by andreib
  2. Found a subtle race condition in a test and fixed it. (detail)
    by andreib
  3. Need to call v2 /log on nodes that support it and v1 /log on v1 nodes because they only support pidFilter. (detail)
    by andreib
  4. Added an extra error message around creating a log entry (detail)
    by andreib
  5. turned off the v1-only bypass in SANDBOX.  better late than never. (detail)
    by rnahf
  6. added v1-only flag to STAGE properties files (as was done for SANDBOX) (detail)
    by rnahf
  7. adding an ignore to one of the SlowIT tests (testGetLogRecords_eventFiltering) because it was causing severe delays in test environment. (detail)
    by rnahf

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