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#17 (Oct 14, 2016 6:33:07 PM)

  1. merged from 2.0 branch.  picked up authentication and CNAuthorization fixes. — rnahf / detail
  2. AccessPolicy can not be blank anymore. — waltz / detail
  3. merged changes from D1_INTEGRATION_v2.0 branch, using all dataone 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT dependencies. — rnahf / detail

#16 (Mar 13, 2016 9:10:09 PM)

  1. Renamed EnvironmentStatusTest to ...TestImpl, so maven doesn't see it as a unit test. — rnahf / detail
  2. switched testSetReplicationStatus_dateModified to use a non-auth MN to test status changes on, just in case this causes problems with replication (this won't fix sysmeta date change issues though) — andreib / detail
  3. Incrementing a few object pids to tests don't use objects that are too old - just in case this is causing a current issue with sysmeta dates seemingly getting updated. — andreib / detail
  4. log the pid and dates that do not match when failures occur. — leinfelder / detail
  5. don't test with cnSandboxUNM1 - seems to be having issues with keep HZ connections alive and passing tests. — leinfelder / detail
  6. getting test errors for .14, try .15 as object suffix? — leinfelder / detail
  7. include write permission for rightsholder — leinfelder / detail
  8. Added public-readable to access policy for created test objects — andreib / detail
  9. Another logging improvement - displaying created auth token — andreib / detail
  10. Fixed a few logging messages — andreib / detail
  11. Added an update test to the MN auth token tests — andreib / detail
  12. Switched auth token tests to using the more complicated ORCID rather than the basic "testId" subject — andreib / detail
  13. Reverted general log level back to WARN, ContextAwareTestCaseDataone logger still at INFO level — andreib / detail
  14. Part of a refactor to query results checking - should've been in cluded in last commit — andreib / detail
  15. Added a query test for auth tokens, added an MN create test using an auth token to create on the MN, not just for authentication/authorization. — andreib / detail
  16. Fixed auth token test for MN - it needed to just get the v2 member nodes — andreib / detail
  17. Adding private key filename property to STAGE test properties — andreib / detail
  18. Changed logging level for d1_integration to INFO, re-added all CNs into token auth test — andreib / detail
  19. Updated dependencies to 2.1.0 snapshot in d1_integration pom — andreib / detail
  20. Added debug logging for auth token created — andreib / detail
  21. No need for skipping CNs since test.dataone.org key should work for all of them. — andreib / detail
  22. Leaving the public cert property null (rather than empty) just in case — andreib / detail
  23. Updated some failure log messages — andreib / detail
  24. public cert property can actually be null, it's not needed to generate the token — andreib / detail
  25. sandbox test properties public cert needed to point to a different file (not the key file - that contains the private key only). — andreib / detail
  26. Changing the private key and public cert parameters - they need to point to the server's (a CN server's) private/public key  pair. — andreib / detail
  27. Typos in sandbox test properties file — andreib / detail
  28. Added private key and public cert  properties to sandbox test properties file so we can use the auth token tests. — andreib / detail
  29. fixed a couple comment typos — andreib / detail
  30. Added a test that hits echoCredentials with the token. — andreib / detail
  31. Improved some error messages — andreib / detail
  32. Bug fix - the MN call wasn't being done as the CN. — andreib / detail
  33. Modified teh MN isAuthorized test to also procure a test object (get or create) and to do so as the CN (to isolate the isAuthorized part for this test). — andreib / detail
  34. Changed the functionality of the CN auth test to create an object readable by the token subject (AccessPolicy), but created by the CN subject (submitter/rightsHolder). — andreib / detail
  35. Bug fix - incorrect property name in TestSettings fixed — andreib / detail
  36. Modified TestSettings to be able to pick up and set cn.server.privatekey.filename and cn.server.publiccert.filename from test properties files to Settings properties. — andreib / detail
  37. Added a test against MN create/isAuthorized — andreib / detail
  38. Added some logging and cleaned up some imports. — andreib / detail
  39. Added some new classes for auth token tests (mostly placeholders at the moment, untested). — andreib / detail
  40. Added d1_portal to d1_integration pom.xml dependencies so we can use the TokenGenerator for tests. — andreib / detail
  41. Improved a bunch of log/error messages on log tests — andreib / detail
  42. Modified a second log test to skip over MNs on which objects cannot be created. — andreib / detail
  43. Another tweak to resolve test - fixed the logger being used for this class so we can see the INFO messages and removed a break statement causing problems with the logic. — andreib / detail
  44. Performance improvement for last modification to resolve test — andreib / detail
  45. Added code to a resolve api test to iterate through the object list a few more times not only if getSysmeta() fails, but also if the authMN of the object in question is not found in the environment. — andreib / detail
  46. Modified the aggregation test to disregard MNs on which create is disabled. — andreib / detail
  47. Improving on some of the environment tests - removing a couple unnecessary tests for nodes that are registered but down. Fixed some typos. Improved a few log messages. — andreib / detail
  48. Adding some tests that can be run to check on the status of an environment (stuff like which nodes are down, which nodes don't have sync or replication turned on, or to check if sync/repl/services don't match between CN & MN Node documents). — andreib / detail
  49. Small change that should've been committed with the last fix to create a test object instead of procure one. — andreib / detail
  50. Found a subtle race condition in a test and fixed it. — andreib / detail
  51. Need to call v2 /log on nodes that support it and v1 /log on v1 nodes because they only support pidFilter. — andreib / detail
  52. Added an extra error message around creating a log entry — andreib / detail
  53. turned off the v1-only bypass in SANDBOX.  better late than never. — rnahf / detail
  54. added v1-only flag to STAGE properties files (as was done for SANDBOX) — rnahf / detail
  55. adding an ignore to one of the SlowIT tests (testGetLogRecords_eventFiltering) because it was causing severe delays in test environment. — rnahf / detail
  56. Added an extra get() call - there was a bug in metacat and initial create() logs weren't written. Since the test code procures rather than creates the objects, the extra get() should add logs to make the test more resistant. — andreib / detail
  57. Performance improvement for pidFiltering test and added some more comments to clear up what's going on in the test. — andreib / detail
  58. Committed an extra certificate/subject log message for debuggging purposes — andreib / detail
  59. Updated the d1_integration pom.xml file to depend on d1_test_resources version 2.0.0 rather than 1.1.0 — andreib / detail
  60. Added a warning log message if only v1 MNs are available to work with. — andreib / detail
  61. Just removed a variable (that won't change anything) so local cnSubmitter points to the ContextAwareTestCaseDataone variable — andreib / detail
  62. Removed the requirement for v2 MNs from LogAggregationFunctionalTestImplementations - switched to using the highest endpoint version available for the MN where possible, falling back to using the v1 endpoint where it became too expensive to check both capabilities per node available. — andreib / detail
  63. added a property nodelist.contains.v2.mn that to set the nodeListContainsV2Mn property.  Set the property to false in the context.SANDBOX.test.properties. Adjusted TestSettings to allow the property to be set from the command line (-D arguments) — rnahf / detail
  64. Added checks in a few functional test implementations for the ContextAwareTestCaseDataone property that is set based on whether we have v2 nodes in the environment. Some tests will be skipped without v2 nodes in environment. — andreib / detail
  65. Added a nodeListContainsV2Mn property. It was being set automatically based on the CN node list, but disabled that for now per a discussion with rob since we may just change it to be an environment property. — andreib / detail
  66. added optimization to the createTestObject method in SidCNTestImpl to minimize wait-to-sync time. — rnahf / detail
  67. Added a more specific error message and modified some v2 node checks to be even more strict — andreib / detail
  68. Reverted recent change - object creation test code, in the case that we have a v2 CN.create() with no v2 MNs in the environment, will not fall back to a v1 MN for the authMN because this changes the expected behavior of some tests (tests that are expecting a v2-specific object to be created, aka an object with a v2 authMN). Better that it fail for not finding a v2 authMN than sneakily doing a v1 create where a v2 create is expected. — andreib / detail
  69. Object creation test code fix - in the case that we have a v2 CN.create() with no v2 MNs in the environment, fall back to a v1 MN for the authMN. — andreib / detail
  70. Improved a few log messages. — andreib / detail
  71. Removed a line that shouldn't have been part of last commit — andreib / detail
  72. Fixed a bad typo — andreib / detail
  73. changed dataone.it.cnode.submitter.cn to ORC, due to taking UNM Sandbox CN out of service. — rnahf / detail
  74. UNM cn has been temporarily removed from Sandbox environment (no longer in node list) and we can't use the UNM cn cert to create objects. Switching to the UCSB cert. — andreib / detail
  75. Added some error logging — andreib / detail
  76. Added a warning (troubleshooting step if required) to the d1_integration README. Also fixed some numbering. — andreib / detail
  77. Web Tester fix - web test annotations for test labels and test descriptions were not being applied in many cases. The problem was just in cases with multiple @WebTestImplementation classes; iterating over the possible implementation classes and checking for the test method should've continued looping on failure to find said method - as it could've been located in the next implementation class. — andreib / detail
  78. Improved some output for web tester with slightly (very slightly) less developery ignore comments — andreib / detail
  79. Fixed an edge case that could mess up a replica being fetched if we ever ended up with a v2 MN that does not support the v1 API. — andreib / detail
  80. Added a few annotations for the webtester's documentation — andreib / detail
  81. Messages improved inside of some exceptions thrown from replica fetching, also bumped up the maximum replication wait in the CN synchronize test (won't affect test run time if replication is no over-burdened) — andreib / detail
  82. Minor log message fix — andreib / detail
  83. Made a change to the RetryHandler's last iteration: we don't want to throw a TryAgainException outside of the RetryHandler, so attempt to throw the exception encapsulated by the TryAgainException if there is one — andreib / detail
  84. Bumped up the maximum replication time yet again since it sometimes takes forever in practice (if replica for pid is resubmitted) — andreib / detail
  85. Performance fix - decreased the desired number of replicas in a couple tests to the number of valid targets minus the origin MN, so CN won't need to re-attempt any replication hopelessly — andreib / detail
  86. Bumped up the maximum replication time yet again since it took just over 40 minutes in practice (if replica for pid is resubmitted) — andreib / detail
  87. Added a sanity check to testUpdateSystemMetadata_CNCertNonAuthMN — andreib / detail
  88. Added a more careful non-auth MN check to a test, it may have been failing in some cases. — andreib / detail
  89. Minor log message change — andreib / detail
  90. Added a few log messages, fixed another log message, added a slight performance improvement. — andreib / detail
  91. Slight performance improvement and logic fix to the sysmeta sync check — andreib / detail
  92. Bumped up the maximum replication wait time in another test (affects worst-case scenario only since we poll sysmeta) — andreib / detail
  93. Bumped up the maximum replication wait time in a test (affects worst-case scenario only since we poll sysmeta) — andreib / detail
  94. Log message fix — andreib / detail
  95. Improved logging in testUpdateSystemMetadata_CNCertNonAuthMN and bumped up the max replication wait time a few minutes. — andreib / detail
  96. Fixed a couple typos from last commit — andreib / detail
  97. Rewrote part of a log access test to make it less susceptible to read time-outs - split up cn subject calls (individual pid filters) rather than doing the paged getLogRecords. — andreib / detail
  98. Performance improvement - Completely refactored V1/V2 interop tests to create all objects, then test for sync/replication before running the tests. This way we wait the maximum time once (worst case) and not for each created object. — andreib / detail
  99. Made replica fetching a bit more specific in the setReplicationStatus test case, switched possible MNs for updateReplicationStatus replica check to v2 MNs (shouldn't affect test, just save a bit of time) — andreib / detail
  100. Modified another replica check on the test modifiying replica status to remove the necessity for a completed state. — andreib / detail
  101. Modified the replica check on the test modifiying replica statuses to remove the necessity for a completed state. — andreib / detail
  102. Improved error message — andreib / detail
  103. Modified an interface resolution call in CommonCallAdapter — andreib / detail
  104. Performance improvements - short circuiting a handful of extra checks. — andreib / detail
  105. Performance improvements (switch to polling up to a total wait time rather than full wait time) and added some stricter replica checks to the polling. — andreib / detail
  106. Improved some performance - for object creation onto an MN with expected sync to CN, switched to polling for the CN sysmeta on intervals instead of waiting — andreib / detail
  107. Polling cn.getSysmeta for sysmeta with replicas will retry if no MN replicas are found — andreib / detail
  108. Polling cn.getSysmeta for sysmeta with replicas will retry if no v2 MN replicas are found — andreib / detail
  109. Increased the max wait time for sync / replication to happen, since we're now polling for the updated sysmeta, it won't increase the run time of the tests except when CN sync is under heavy load and sync is trying to catch up anyway — andreib / detail
  110. Split v1/v2 interoperability tests' sync and replication checks into separate steps to get better error reports. Also improved performance of tests by using polling approach and applied it to those steps separately. — andreib / detail
  111. fixed 2 typos — andreib / detail
  112. Updated SystemMetadataFunctionalTestImplementation, added rob's RetryHandler to rest of methods that need to wait on sync/replication, modified some assertions and logging — andreib / detail
  113. added Identifier.getValue() to logging and assert messages.  Created a RetryHandler class to avoid compulsory 10 and 5 minute waits on synchronization. — rnahf / detail
  114. Reverting an accidental debugging change — andreib / detail
  115. Some more logging improvements — andreib / detail
  116. Added a bit of extra logging — andreib / detail
  117. Tweaked number of replica targets required — andreib / detail
  118. Bug fix - added a catch block so we can skip nodes whose getCapabilities endpoint is down — andreib / detail
  119. Added some more logging to testUpdateSystemMetadata_CNCertNonAuthMN — andreib / detail
  120. Removed an out-of-date assertion — andreib / detail
  121. Added some more logging to testUpdateSystemMetadata_CNCertNonAuthMN and removed v1 nodes as replica targets (I verified that it was in fact an error that we were replicating to those) — andreib / detail
  122. Bug fix to replication wait time for testUpdateSystemMetadata_CNCertNonAuthMN — andreib / detail
  123. Bug fix to replication policy and replica locating in testUpdateSystemMetadata_CNCertNonAuthMN — andreib / detail
  124. Changed test object update code to make it easier to debug, made public readable — andreib / detail
  125. A couple typos in logging — andreib / detail
  126. Only MN admin and CN should be able to access an MN's log records, the object's rightsHolder currently cannot access its logs; modified the tests accordingly. — andreib / detail
  127. Removed some out of date assertions — andreib / detail
  128. refactored some logging statements in createTestObject to remove printStackTrace commands. — rnahf / detail
  129. roll back change about other id logging - possible NPE — leinfelder / detail
  130. some logging improvements — andreib / detail
  131. reverted a change to sync wait time that shouldn't have been committed — andreib / detail
  132. a bit more logging — andreib / detail
  133. logging addition — andreib / detail
  134. removed errant use of org.hsqldb.lib.StringUtil in a unit test case. — rnahf / detail
  135. typo fixed — andreib / detail
  136. Using a new object on each run of a deleteReplicaMetadata test now — andreib / detail
  137. add other identifier to test failure message. — leinfelder / detail
  138. Improved some error logs. — andreib / detail
  139. Added an assertion on the number of version 2 MNs available — andreib / detail
  140. Bug fix to recently added test - checking for replicas on v1 and v2 MNs — andreib / detail
  141. Fixing a possible NPE — andreib / detail
  142. Fixed a bug in procureTestObject, had introduced a possible validation exception in recent refactor. — andreib / detail
  143. Fixed a problem with the content of ContextAwareTestCaseDataone.getCoordinatingNodeIterator(). When using context.label, it would previously return a list of all CNs found through listNodes(), including the round robin CN. It now tries to filter this node out if the CN list size is >1 (so we don't risk an empty CN list). — andreib / detail
  144. Modified SystemMetadataFunctionalTestImplementation tests to assert that sysmeta.dateSysMetadataModified is not changed as a result of the MN.updateSystemMetadata call (and therefore the resulting CN.updateSystemMetadata call) — andreib / detail
  145. Fixed a typo — andreib / detail
  146. use same subject as creator of  OREs when retrieving? — leinfelder / detail
  147. Commented out a few tests against MN.query() for functionality that I found out is not supported yet - may put them back in after further discussion, if it's something we decide we want. — andreib / detail
  148. Bug fix for a MNSystemMetadataMutabilityImplementations test - had out of date serialVersion — andreib / detail
  149. Modified ContextAwareTestCaseDataone.procureTestObject to also work for a given ReplicationPolicy. Changed the test methods of MNSystemMetadataMutabilityImplementations to get-or-create a test object rather than just create one so it's less susceptible to failing or unavailable services in the environment - and should pick up the test on subsequent runs. — andreib / detail
  150. More logging improvements — andreib / detail
  151. Made change to libclient for getLogRecords - pidFilter changed to idFilter per documentation

    #refs 7432 — andreib / detail
  152. print stack trace for resolve issue. — leinfelder / detail
  153. Committed some functional tests that check for modification of sysmeta's modification date during replica-related CN calls — andreib / detail
  154. do not add original pid with an obsoletedBy property (I believe this is not allowed) — leinfelder / detail
  155. Bug fix for a CN getLogRecords test — andreib / detail
  156. try shorter nodeId - might be as simple as that to fix test case. — leinfelder / detail
  157. refs: #7419 #7426.  removed IdentifierNotUnique throws from hasReservation definitions and implementations (libclient, sync, cn_rest, d1_integration). — rnahf / detail
  158. More logging improvements — andreib / detail
  159. More logging improvements — andreib / detail
  160. More logging improvements — andreib / detail
  161. More logging improvements — andreib / detail
  162. Improved logging — andreib / detail
  163. Added some sanity checks, made a couple bug fixes to a query test (solr really doesn't like ':'s), re-enabled the aggregation test — andreib / detail
  164. A logging improvement to log and query functional tests — andreib / detail
  165. A couple additions and fixes to log and query functional tests — andreib / detail
  166. Filling out one of the new log tests further — andreib / detail
  167. Added to log and query tests, making a handful of logic fixes, adding logging, adding another test, etc — andreib / detail
  168. Overloaded an object creation method in ContextAwareTestCaseDataone — andreib / detail
  169. Added tests for the log and query endpoints to test access and to test aggregation to CN from MNs (that one however will require modification to the log aggregation schedule to be run). Also made a small logging fix to v1/v2 interop tests. — andreib / detail
  170. restoring d1_integration — vieglais / detail
  171. Modified an updateSystemMetadata test - added a search for valid replica targets and made the replication policy more specific to what's available — andreib / detail
  172. try null for getting the session for verification-not-auth test. — leinfelder / detail
  173. Small improvement in logging, split up a few test setup calls in testUpdateSystemMetadata_CNCertNonAuthMN — andreib / detail
  174. compilation failure — leinfelder / detail
  175. include verification test using cn subject — leinfelder / detail
  176. More logging changes — andreib / detail
  177. Some minor logging improvements — andreib / detail
  178. For easier debugging, changed the created objects in sysmeta synchronize/replication test to be publicly readable — andreib / detail
  179. fix compilation errors from testArchive()  removal — leinfelder / detail
  180. Another bug fix to the v1/v2 interop query test — andreib / detail
  181. Also removed the archive() sid test in the common sid test class as it no longer applies — andreib / detail
  182. Bug fix to a v1/v2 interop query test, to parsing number of results — andreib / detail
  183. Modified the V2 test definitions classes to match the removal of the sid-related tests from the CN sid tests. — andreib / detail
  184. Bug fix - v1 call adapter creation — andreib / detail
  185. Modified the v1/v2 interop tests against v1 sysmeta methods (like archive, setRightsHolder, etc) to hit both the v1 and v2 endpoints and check for NotAuthorized, and removed the corresponding methods from the sid CN tests (since we're expecting exceptions and there's no longer a need to check valid return results) — andreib / detail
  186. Fixed a sneaky bug that was preventing the view call from succeeding for MNs. — andreib / detail
  187. Modified CN sid tests that deal with modifying parts of the system metadata to now expect NotAuthorized exceptions - also added back in the test for the methods setReplicationPolicy - whether it can take a sid or not, the method is only usable against v2 objects (may be redundant with another test, but no harm) — andreib / detail
  188. Modified CN sid tests that deal with modifying parts of the system metadata to now expect NotAuthorized exceptions - the methods archive, setRightsHolder, and setAccessPolicy say they can take sid parameters in the documentation (this will need to be updated because of a recent decision to make these methods only usable against v2 objects - meaning no sid exists for them) — andreib / detail
  189. One of the old tests was attempting a CN.setAccessPolicy on a v2 object; created a separate test that expects failure and switched it out. — andreib / detail
  190. One of the old tests was attempting a CN.setRightsHolder on a v2 object; created a separate test that expects failure and switched it out. — andreib / detail
  191. Logging some extra warnings and modified a setup step to fix a possible node conversion data loss issue. — andreib / detail
  192. We need to be able to get a valid MN reference to use as an authoritative MN on test objects created; added code to ContextAwareTestCaseDataone to do this for calling CNs as well as MNs. — andreib / detail
  193. @ignoring a unit test for the pooling connection manager that should not have been a regular test. — rnahf / detail
  194. use cnSubmitter and cnDevUNM2 for setting up tests — leinfelder / detail
  195. more logging to failure message — leinfelder / detail
  196. Added more specific logging to systemMetadataChanged test method utilizing the multiple environments' CN certs — andreib / detail
  197. log status before testing (failing). mn.dirtysysmeta test. — leinfelder / detail
  198. Increased wait times for sync and replication since MN object creation succeeds sysmeta fetching from CN is failing every time — andreib / detail
  199. Some improved logging — andreib / detail
  200. include cnDevUNM2 (certificate) when testing MN.systemMetadataChanged. Hopefully will allow it to succeed in DEV2 testing environment. — leinfelder / detail
  201. Some small fixes to resetting the node capabilities on finishing sysymeta sync tests — andreib / detail
  202. Found a bug in package creation code that created invalid sysmeta — andreib / detail
  203. Had to update the v1 cn calls that update system metadata to use the fetched metadata's current serial version due to the recent implementation change — andreib / detail
  204. Bug fix to test package setup method — andreib / detail
  205. Removed a second assertion from updateSystemMetadata test using CN cert - there's no rule about serialVersion or dateSystemMetadataModified changing on the CN.updateSystemMetadata call (happens CN REST to CNStorage). — andreib / detail
  206. Fixed a bug in test: CNUpdateSystemMetadataTestImplementations.testUpdateSystemMetadata_NotAuthorized_RightsHolder - call to updateSystemMetadata wasn't actually using the rightsHolder cert. — andreib / detail
  207. CN.updateSystemMetadata null serialVersion test also modified to not expect exception — andreib / detail
  208. Changed an updateSystemMetadata test (using cn cert) to compare with the date in the previous sysmeta version rather than to that from a ping call. — andreib / detail
  209. CN.updateSystemMetadata null serialVersion test also modified to not expect exception — andreib / detail
  210. Fixed error message for the added sysmeta with no serialVersion test — andreib / detail
  211. Reverted change to package creation - created with rightsHolder subject — andreib / detail
  212. Added some logging — andreib / detail
  213. Removed a handful of lines in integration tests that were setting the date modified on system metadata - this is now managed solely by the CN. — andreib / detail
  214. Changed the MN test for updateSystemMetadata with a null serialVersion to no longer expect an exception. Added corresponding test in implementations class (not replacing old one since that still applies to the CN test). — andreib / detail
  215. Updated interop tests dealing with objects that have a v2 authMN but try to use a v1 CN metadata altering call - these should fail with a NotAuthorized per the last maintenance discussion. — andreib / detail
  216. Refactored MNUpdateSystemMetadataIT method to make use of existing code, removed a now-false assertion (to match sysmeta change to handling serialVersion), removed a setting of the dateSysMetadataModified to match same changes in implementation. — andreib / detail
  217. exclude older commons-io from being pulled in with solrj. hopefully this allows bagit library to use newer methods. — leinfelder / detail
  218. test for same content in bagit manifest listing, not same checksum since the manifest order is not guaranteed. https://redmine.dataone.org/issues/7394 — leinfelder / detail
  219. Switched created test packages to be public readable for testing purposes — andreib / detail
  220. Removed some commented-out code — andreib / detail
  221. Minor bug fix to a CNCore test — andreib / detail
  222. Reverted a change I had made for testing purposes. — andreib / detail
  223. Modified the MN API test classes to work with a context.label specifying MNs of both v1 and v2 - made sure that if multiple MNs are given by the member node iterator, then v1 nodes are excluded and only v2 MNs are tested (since these are v2-only methods). — andreib / detail
  224. Modified the view and package functional test classes - made sure that if multiple MNs are given by the member node iterator, then v1 nodes are excluded and only v2 MNs are tested (since these are v2-only methods). — andreib / detail
  225. Modified the view and package functional test classes - made sure that if multiple MNs are given by the member node iterator, then v1 nodes are excluded and only v2 MNs are tested (since these are v2-only methods). — andreib / detail
  226. Cosmetic fix for generated packages - simplifying science metadata pid — andreib / detail
  227. Bug fix in MN sid tests, made sure that if multiple MNs are given by the member node iterator, then v1 nodes are excluded. Also added some more specific error logging. — andreib / detail
  228. Removed check for a replica target on a test in which we're expecting replication to not happen (since it would be v2 to v1 replication). — andreib / detail

#15 (Sep 25, 2015 10:49:47 PM)

  1. reintroduce register node test. — leinfelder / detail

#10 (Sep 25, 2015 9:17:32 PM)

  1. add property list debugging — leinfelder / detail

#9 (Sep 25, 2015 9:06:14 PM)

  1. use warn? — leinfelder / detail

#8 (Sep 25, 2015 8:45:32 PM)

  1. print which node we are testing with since it's not defined as the test and relies on listNodes(0) — leinfelder / detail
  2. only run update test for repeatability. — leinfelder / detail

#7 (Sep 25, 2015 8:11:35 PM)

  1. comment out interface declaration — leinfelder / detail

#6 (Sep 25, 2015 8:07:50 PM)

  1. oops, comment the correct part of the testing framework. — leinfelder / detail

#5 (Sep 25, 2015 6:15:27 PM)

  1. comment out no_prop test since it will try to register duplicate node — leinfelder / detail