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accept(File, String) - Method in class
approveNode(String) - Method in class


CertificateFilter - Class in
CertificateFilter() - Constructor for class


Main - Class in
Approve a node for inclusion in the active dataone nodelist java -jar d1_cn_approve_node.jar [--NodeId d1-node-id] If the NodeId argument is not passed in the the user will be presented with a list of unapproved nodes and ask for input Once a node has been selected (or provided) the process will update the ldap entry, retrieve the node from ldap, retrieve the HZ Nodes map and then publish the change in hzNodes Map.
Main() - Constructor for class
main(String[]) - Static method in class


NodeApproval - Class in
Set the node to approved in ldap and inform hazelcast of the change
NodeApproval() - Constructor for class

O - package
A C M N O 
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