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Started by upstream project "Build_Beta_Level_8" build number 45
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Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/dataone-cn-version-tool-deb-beta/workspace
Cleaning local Directory dataone-cn-version-tool
Checking out at revision '2016-11-03T16:23:20.538 +0000'
A         DEBIAN
A         DEBIAN/control
AU        DEBIAN/postinst
A         usr
A         usr/share
A         usr/share/dataone-cn-version-tool
A         usr/share/dataone-cn-version-tool/
A         usr/local
A         usr/local/bin
AU        usr/local/bin/dataone-cn-version-tool
At revision 18427
no change for since the previous build
[workspace] $ /bin/bash /tmp/
Build version: 20161103.001
/usr/local/bin/ line 11: [: missing `]'
dpkg-deb: building package `dataone-cn-version-tool' in `../dataone-cn-version-tool_2.3.0R20161103.001_all.deb'.
dpkg-deb: error: failed to read archive `./dataone-cn-solr_2.3.0R20161101.001_all.deb': No such file or directory
dpkg-scanpackages: error: couldn't parse control information from ./dataone-cn-solr_2.3.0R20161101.001_all.deb.
IRC notifier plugin: Sending notification to: #dataone-build
IRC notifier plugin: [ERROR] not connected. Cannot send message to '#dataone-build'
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Notifying upstream of completion: Build_Beta_Level_8 #45
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Notifying upstream build Build_Beta_Level_8 #45 of job completion
Finished: SUCCESS