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Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/dataone-cn-rest-service-deb-stable/workspace
Cleaning local Directory dataone-cn-rest-service
Checking out at revision '2021-07-13T02:17:47.180 +0000'
A         DEBIAN
A         DEBIAN/control
AU        DEBIAN/postinst
AU        DEBIAN/prerm
A         etc
A         etc/dataone
A         etc/dataone/cn
A         etc/dataone/cn/
A         usr
A         usr/share
A         usr/share/dataone-cn-rest
A         usr/share/dataone-cn-rest/debian
A         usr/share/dataone-cn-rest/debian/cn_jk.conf
A         usr/share/dataone-cn-rest/debian/54cn.policy
A         usr/share/dataone-cn-rest/debian/cn.xml
 U        .
At revision 20104

No revision recorded for in the previous build
[workspace] $ /bin/bash /tmp/
Build version: 
cp: cannot stat '/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/dataone-cn-rest-service-deb-stable/workspace/../../d1_cn_service_stable/workspace/d1_cn_rest/target/cn.war': No such file or directory
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Notifying upstream projects of job completion
Finished: FAILURE