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Unstable Build DataONE Integration Testing Package (Oct 21, 2016 8:58:48 PM)

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  1. merged from 2.0 branch.  picked up authentication and CNAuthorization fixes. (detail)
    by rnahf
  2. AccessPolicy can not be blank anymore. (detail)
    by waltz
  3. merged changes from D1_INTEGRATION_v2.0 branch, using all dataone 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT dependencies. (detail)
    by rnahf
  4. Renamed EnvironmentStatusTest to ...TestImpl, so maven doesn't see it as a unit test. (detail)
    by rnahf
  5. switched testSetReplicationStatus_dateModified to use a non-auth MN to test status changes on, just in case this causes problems with replication (this won't fix sysmeta date change issues though) (detail)
    by andreib
  6. Incrementing a few object pids to tests don't use objects that are too old - just in case this is causing a current issue with sysmeta dates seemingly getting updated. (detail)
    by andreib
Changes in dependency
  1. DataONE_JibX_Extensions  ? → (detail)
  2. DataONE Java Client Library  ? → (detail)
  3. DataONE_Common_Java  ? → (detail)
  4. d1_portal  ? → (detail)
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