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  1. Use the newest jsonld-java library. (details)
  2. Change the schema from to (details)
  3. Add a method to determine if the expanded jsonld objects use the schema (details)
  4. Preprocess JSONLD to normalize namespace/context (details)
  5. Update JsonLdSubprocessor @context handling (details)
  6. Add the log information to read schemas from different locations. (details)
  7. Change the schema org context files from /etc/dataone/index/context to /etc/dataone/index/schema-org-context (details)
  8. Close some input stream objects in the process method. (details)
  9. Exclude the module-info.class class in the shaded jar file. (details)
  10. Include SO:contentUrl in Solr 'serviceEndpoint' (details)
  11. Support 'description' with multiple entries (details)
  12. Add geohashes for SO indexing (details)
  13. Extend semantic annotation indexing to include properties (details)
  14. Change attirubte rules to handle the attributes infomration under the otherEntity element. (details)
  15. Move the method of compareFieldValue to the parent class. (details)
  16. Add a junit test file for the changes on attributes. Now it can handle the other entities. (details)
  17. Fixed a mangled sentence on the copy right declaration. (details)
  18. Decrease the thread waiting time. (details)
  19. Add indexing of Solr text field for documents (details)
  20. Bump its version to 2.3.14 (details)